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Message From The President



Cognizant of the fact that the prevalence of heart disease in Ethiopia (both Congenital & acquired) is significant,  Aware of the fact that there are no facilities that would address themselves to this problem, Appreciative of the priorities of the government and the capacity of individuals; we thought that the future of individuals should not be bleak, just because they are Ethiopians, born to Ethiopians and living in Ethiopia. We further believed that if we can bring our good will, our knowledge and our resources together, we can change this reality. I personally believed that we can tap in to individuals, groups and agencies both in country and beyond.


Indeed we have a lot to accomplish- like manpower training and ensuring sustainability. A more challenging new idea we have is the establishment of an epidemiological, molecular and cellular level Heart Research Institute focusing on Rheumatic Heart disease. All the same, my dream is coming true. I am proud of the Ethiopian people. I am forever grateful for our international partners/supporters (Chain of Hope - UK, Healing the Children - USA, Children’s Fund - Ethiopia in USA, Project C.U.R.E. . .etc)


Special and heartfelt appreciation and thank you is the least I could offer to our biggest benefactor and our Patron Sheikh Mohammed  Hussen Ali Al-Amoudin, for without his generous support, this dream of ours could not have been realized.


On a slightly different note, I would like to take this opportunity, to humbly ask Ethiopians to come together and join hands in all walks of life, for it is only then, that our country will join the Community of Nations of the 21st century.



Belay Abegaz MD FAAP

Pediatric Cardiologist


February, 2009











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