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For the Construction, Equipment and Institutionalization of the Cardiac Center



The Agency:  The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia (CHFE). 

Address:            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

 P. O. Box 2382

 E-mail <>

 Tel. 251-1-551-54-35/551-36-36

 Fax: 251-1-551-84-02

Objectives/Mission: CHFE is a Non-governmental, Non-profit-making, specialized, charitable organization committed and coordinating efforts to healing children with cardiac problems.

Contact persons:

                     1. Belay Abegaz (Dr.), Board Chairman.

                     2. Tesfaye Birhanu (Ato), Director.

NGO Registration:  No. 153; February, 1989.

Sector:  Health/Pediatric cardiology, not limited by geographic area.                      

Financing Source/Donors (past and present):-

  • Embassies: Funding small projects

  • Government: Provision of land

  • Individuals Membership and donations

  • International associates and partners: For the treatment of Cardiac patients.  Donors including the Chain of Hope (UK), Hope International (Canada), Save a Child's Heart (Israel), Healing the Children (USA), The Children's Heartlink (USA), Terre Des Hommes-Lausanne (Switzerland) and Terre Des Hommes (Nederlands).

  • Local affiliation: Particularly with the Christian Relief and Development Association/CRDA and the Addis Ababa University, School of Medicine.


The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia is a non-governmental, non-profit-making, specialized, and charitable organization committed to healing children with cardiac problems.


Through their charitable participation in the various fund raising activities, local donors have been contributing for the transportation cost of the children who needed to go abroad for cardiac surgery as well as covered less than 5% of related administrative expenses. The assistance that the Children Heart Fund of Ethiopia received, since its establishment in 1986, both in kind and cash to-date is estimated to be nearly 70 million Ethiopian Birr of which 15% and 85% are respectively covered in-country and by international donors.


Now, The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia is intending to build local capacity of space, technology and knowledge to increase the number of pediatric cardiac cases served locally.  To this end, the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia has formally signed an affiliation with the Addis Ababa University, School of Medicine.  It has already started construction of a Cardiac Centre in the premises of the Black Lion Hospital, which is to be attached to the Medical School there.  At the moment, 70% of the building is completed.   


The concept of the project for the construction, equipment and institutionalization of a children's Cardiac Unit is an extension and part of the conviction of the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia.


The project encompasses the construction, equipment and institutionalization of a Children's Cardiac Unit.  The construction consists of both in-patient and outpatient facilities and support services for a Cardiac Centre estimated to have a total gross area not exceeding 3000 m2 at a construction cost of about USD 1.5 million. This cost is expected to be fully covered by voluntary contributions.  It is expected that the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia will acquire most of the equipment worth USD 3.6 million from its partners and supporters abroad on a donation basis.  On the Human Resource and Training end for the institutionalization, the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia has already been offered to train medical professionals abroad. There are ample opportunities, but CHEFS strongly believes that the training of professionals should be well coordinated with the building of the hospital and acquisition of medical equipment.  

We know the task is enormous and we would like to consider this to be a noble undertaking and we trust in the Humanitarian goodwill of people around Ethiopia and throughout the world.  Thus, we implore the kindness of donors considering our proposal for funding for the construction, equipment and institutionalization of a Children's Cardiac Unit in Ethiopia.  The fund is open to all donations. Donations are accepted in kind, through wire transfer or through direct bank deposit. 


The Project: Children's Heart Fund for the construction, Equipment and Institutionalization of a Cardiac Unit.

Location:  Addis Ababa, in the premises of the Black Lion Hospital/ Medical School.

Target Group:  Children at risk with Heart diseases.


  • Curative - Saving the lives of children at risk with heart diseases.

  • Preventive - Increasing knowledge about Rheumatic Heart Diseases.

  • Developmental - Capacity-building in the field of pediatric cardiology (Provisions in facility, Equipment and training) in-country.  


Facility - input into the building of a cardiac wing in the premises of the Black Lion Hospital in close association with the AAU, medical faculty.

Equipment - Input to allow diagnosis, surgical management and follow-up of cardiac patients.

Training - Input to ensure future self-reliance in the management of heart diseases in children.

Outcome:  The whole purpose is focused on building local capacity and increasing the number of Heart cases served, service, which are non-existent in country, the rationale behind the establishment of CHFE and including;  Treatment of children at risk and to let them survive to be productive citizens Increase the capacity of the referral set-up/the medical school to include pediatric cardiology in its training and delivery of services, and Increasing the number of cases locally served.

Financing plan/Needs:  (USD, rounded)

          In Building                                                                  1,500,000

          In Equipment                                                             3,500,000

          In Human Resource Development                          500,000

                      TOTAL USD                                                 $5,500,000

Financing Sources (Anticipated to the project)

Longstanding International partners                                 40 - 60%

Local membership, Fund raising, community

and beneficiary participation                                               10 - 30%

Various Donations and Grants in Aid                                20 - 40%


Current Status:

The project has already assumed relevant permits.  Agreement is signed with the Addis Ababa University/Medical Faculty.  The project is also seconded by a tripartite agreement entered between and among the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission.  Different bank accounts are in place for the various major project items.  The Construction of the Cardiac Centre is completed and has begun providing services to the people in different age ranges as of Thursday, February 12, 2009. 


Bank Accounts:  The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia.

Note: For account information, please contact   

For the construction:  Dashen Bank, Main Branch

                                 S/A: 5001003209018

For the equipment:  Bank of Abyssinia, Filwuha Branch

                               S/A: 6491

For General Purpose:

a)   Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,

Addis Ababa Branch,

C/A: 01718/183756/00

b)   Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,

Finfine Branch,

'One Birr For One Heart

C/A: 01718/065533/00

c)  Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,

International Banking Division

NT 01704/174091/00

d)  Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,

Bole Branch,

S/A: 14767

CARDIAC CENTRE:  List of Relevant Space

  • Reception and OPD

  • Consultation Area

  • Operating Rooms

  • Anesthesia and Scrub up Rooms

  • Sterilization and Supplies

  • Recovery Rooms

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Wards

  • Doctors and Nurses Stations

  • Utility Rooms

  • Pharmacy

  • X-Ray Area

  • Catheterization Lab

  • EKG and Ultrasound

  • Library and Conference Room

  • Morgue

  • Administration and Finance Offices

  • Kitchen and Food Service

  • Laundry

  • Cafeteria

  • Maintenance Workshop

  • Children's Play Room...etc.

CARDIAC CENTRE:  List of Essential Equipment

  • Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

  • Color-Flow Doppler

  • Life-Scope

  • X-ray Unit

  • Portable X-ray Unit

  • Auto-Laboratory

  • Anesthesia Machines (2 units)

  • Operation Room Set (2 units)

  • Life-Scope/Monitor-Capable of taking both Arterial and Veins Pressure (4 units)

  • Bed Units (20)

  • Respirators (4 units)

  • Blood Gas Analyzer

  • IV Pumps (10 units)

  • Defibrillators (1 unit) ...etc  

CARDIAC CENTER:  List of Human Resource Requirement

  • Pediatric Cardiologist (2)

  • Cardiac Surgeon (1)

  • Pediatrician (2)

  • Radiologist (1)

  • Operating Room Nurses (6)

  • Perfusion Therapist (1)

  • Anesthesiologist (1)

  • Respiratory Therapist (1)

  • Intensive Care Nurses (6)

  • Pediatric Nurses (10)

  • X-ray Technicians (2)

  • Laboratory Technicians (4)

  • Social Workers (2)

  • Administrator (1)

  • Public Relation Officer (1)

  • Accounting, Secretarial and other non-professional staff (10)...etc