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Founding Members:

Current Board Members:

Director and Board Secretary:


Background: Belay Abegaz, MD, FAAP (Current CHFE Board Chairperson)


Dr. Belay Abegaz, is an Ethiopian Pediatric Cardiologist; born on November 22, 1944 and grew in a North eastern town of Dessie, Ethiopia. He has studied Medicine and specialized in Pediatric Cardiology, was certified and licensed by eligible authorities both in Ethiopia and the United States of America.


Dr. Belay Abegaz, has his credentials and practiced over three decades since 1973, a Physician, Pediatrician and Pediatric Cardiologist at home and abroad all round in various settings as a private practitioner, an academician, an Army Medico-Colonel and was a leading Red Cross activist in Hararge, eastern Ethiopia.


Dr. Belay Abegaz, has professed Pediatrics, wrote several papers on Cardiology and has always been a reference in the field of Pediatric Cardiology. He is fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1981. He has also served the International Society of Hypertension in Blacks, The Pan African Society of Cardiology, The National Drug Advisory Board of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Medical Journal as member, Assistant Secretary General, Chairman and at the Editorial Board respectively.


Dr. Belay Abegaz, is a friend of all the world in that he is an International partner to Healing the Children USA, Save a Child's Heart ISREAL and Chain of Hope UK. He was also highly active in the Lion's Club of Addis Ababa Host, between 1985 and 1992. Above all, Dr. Belay Abegaz is the Founder and current Board Chairman of the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia, his brain-child to save the lives of Ethiopian children at risk with Congenital and Rheumatic Heart Diseases.


Dr. Belay Abegaz, is permanently settled in Addis Ababa as a Consultant in the field of Pediatric Cardiology, owning and directing a flourishing medical practice-"Brook Medical Services PLC" and as a distinguished philanthropist with his ''CHILDREN'S HEART FUND OF ETHIOPIA, where he is striving to promote a Cardiac Center setup in Ethiopia.


Dr. Belay Abegaz, is successfully married to a fellow professional since 1972 and is a father of two brilliant sons; both Medical Doctors, Pediatricians, sub-specializing and doing good in the United States.

Founding Members:

1.     B. Gen. Tilahun Bishane with photos

2.     Dr. Belay Abegaz 

3.     Dr. Mekonen Muluneh

4.     Professor Demisse Habte

5.     Dr. Nebiat Tefferi

6.     Dr. Tamirat Retta

7.     Dr. Hailu Kefene

8.     Dr. Belay Giorgis

9.     Ambassador Shimeles Adugna

10.  W/ro Hana Belay

11.  W/ro Adanech G/Hiwot

12.  W/ro Eluvera Valli

13.  W/ro Gebrelua Maffi

14.  W/ro Manyahlishal Girma

15.  W/ro Mebrat Fisha

16.   Ato Armando Valli

17.   Ato Mekonen Eshete

18.   Ato Teserawork Shimelis

19.   Ato George Maffi

20.   Ato Boyalew Getachew

21.   Ato Teshome Desta

22.   Ato Kumilachew Kumsa

Current Board Members:

1.     Dr. Belay Abegaz, chairman    

2.     Ato Yemane Bisrat, V/chairman

3.     Ato Abebe Worke

4.     W/ro Tirsit Agonafir

5.     Dr. Bogale Worku

6.     Dr. Esegenet Gedlu

7.     Ato Tsega Asamere

8.     Dr. Abreham Asnake

Director and Board Secretary:

Ato Tesfaye Birhanu, Director

The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia

P. O. Box 2382

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia        


Tel. +251.1.5515435/5513636