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CHFE is a non-governmental, non-profit making humanitarian organization committed to helping children with heart disease.

Why is it necessary to establish CHFE?

  • Cognizant of the fact that heart disease in children is prevalent.
  • Knowing that there is no adequate treatment for heart disease in the country in particular heart surgery.
  • Knowing that treatment for heart disease wherever available is expensive, hence unaffordable by most.
  • Fully appreciating that due to other genuine priorities such services are unlikely to be founded in the foreseeable future.

These are some of many reasons why the Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia is established.


What are the objectives of CHFE?

  • Assist children with heart disease get proper treatment both at home and abroad
  • Promote awareness among the public about heart disease in children for preventive purpose.
  • Establish or be instrumental for the establishment of institutions that would cater services to children with heart disease, etc.


How is CHFE organized?

The Children's Hear Fund of Ethiopia has three organs: A General Assembly, an Executive Committee and a Secretariat.

The Executive Committee, which is composed of dedicated volunteers, has three units.

  1. Technical Unit:- responsible for the identification, registration and continued care of children with heart disease.
  2. Public relation and fund raising unit:- responsible for all activities pertaining to national as well as international public relations and fund raising.
  3. Treasury:- Which shall ensure the accounts and the property of CHFE are kept in good order and open to public scrutiny.

The Past

A point to realize is that CHFE is addressing itself to a problem that is beyond the country's system and that of the individual parent. In doing so, CHFE has always relied up on the good will of its benefactors, both within and outside of the country.

It is estimated that thousands of children are born with heart disease every year in Ethiopia and the number of children who acquire heart disease may just be as much. In the last 17 years more than 1200 children have been treated at the Children's Heart Fund of Minnesota, USA; Terre des Hommes-Nederland; Chain of Hope, UK; Save the Child's Heart, Germany and other centers. It, therefore, suffices to say a lot more needs to be done.

The Children's Heart Fund of Ethiopia will focus on the improvement of services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up care of children with heart disease.


The Future

Now, the establishment of the cardiac center has become a reality, the way forward should include:

A) Manpower Development: To this end, CHFE has formed an alliance with the Addis Ababa University (A.A.U) and the chain of Hope UK. With these two major institutes, we believe, we will go beyond our manpower development.

B) Insuring sustainability is of critical importance. What we have in place, we hope, will go a long way in this regard.

C) A very ambitious idea that was suggested by Sir. Professor Magdi Yacoub is the establishment of a molecular and Cellular level heart research institute, focusing on rheumatic heart Disease – A major killer in Ethiopia. To this end, an agreement has been signed with the Addis Ababa University. A state of the art research institute design is nearing its completion. The establishment of such an institute, we hope, will put Ethiopia; not only in the map of Africa, but that of the world.